Do you often bump your head into the showerhead while showering? No matter how much you try to adjust the head, it just doesn’t match everyone’s requirements. It could be annoying to keep having to move the showerhead around every time someone has to shower. You must be wondering what could be the standard shower head height after all? Well, that is an interesting question. Many factors affect the answer to this question, such as the type of shower head you are using, its design, length, etc. Though for a general estimate, it can be said that 80 inches from the bathroom floor could be the overall height of the showerhead for most types of bathrooms and households around the globe.

Different types of showerheads

Wall Mounted showerheads

Wall-mounted showerheads are the most common type of showerhead that most households use these days. Well, there are many reasons behind it, such as its light and compact design or the compatibility with most households. If you live alone, then you can adjust the showerhead to your height preferences, but if you have other people in the house as well, then going with the standard 80 inches is a good idea. This average height can fit everyone’s needs even if it is a bit higher for the shorter members, and they wouldn’t face any inconveniences while showering.

Rain showerheads

In contrast to the inclined water flow of wall-mounted showerheads, rain showerheads shower water directly above the head, thus creating a rainfall effect. It is such a bliss to have the soft water streams fall over your head. But the tricky part with rain showerheads is that you need to have high enough so that you don’t bump your head into it. The perfect height for these types of showerheads would be 84 inches from the bathroom floor. Neither too low nor too high, the right height for everyone.

Handheld showers

Handheld showers are quite popular due to their flexibility and variety of uses. You can use them as showerheads, hoseheads, and whatnot. It is a convenient option for every type of bath these days. Many of these handheld showers are big and wide enough to be used as actual showerheads by fixing them into their fixed wall holders. Though what could be the right height for these types of showers. Well, many users would argue that the comfortable range of height for handheld showers is 72 inches to approximately 78 inches from the bathroom floor. Although this could differ depending on the intensity of the water flow and also the angle, you intended to use it with. After considering the specific factors, you can always adjust it to your personal preference.

Specific shower space requirements

Other than the height of the showerhead itself, there are many different elements that you can consider changing or adjusting for having a more comfortable showering experience. The size of the showerhead itself is one of the important factors that you should pay attention to. On average, it is said that a 36 × 36 inches showerhead is sufficient for most households. This average will be comfortable enough to let you enjoy washing your hair without having to move your head around all the time to get the water stream. It is also worth mentioning that there are many parts and special adjustment tools in the market that can be useful for you if you can’t get the height right for everyone. Some of the most common and reliable ones are as follows:

Swivel Ball adapter

Have you ever seen those movable showerheads that can move in any direction as you wish and wished you could have one too but couldn’t find out what they are called? Well, you are in luck today because, in most probability, the type of fitting you were impressed with was a Swivel Ball Adapter. It’s no magic. These shower fittings have three sockets. One goes into the original water line pipe. Second, fit the showerhead, and the most interesting third one acts as a movable juncture between the first and second. The fixture from the second one has attached the part which has a ball-like end. This round-surfaced bottom goes into the open bowl-shaped fixture to which the first part is fixed. Due to this setting, the showerhead is easily able to move in any possible direction.

Adjustable Shower Arm

The more practical solution to switching heights of showerheads that most people use these days is the famous adjustable shower arm. This type of fixture setting works similarly as a foldable table lamp. Remember how you can adjust the height of those table lamps by either completely opening them by their hinges or just leave it partially. This is a good solution if you sometimes want to have a lower-lying shower head, but other times need a higher height of it.

Shower slide bar

Although this option might seem a bit complex and uncommon, it is actually very simple and convenient to use. It is exactly what its name suggests- a slider bar. The showerhead is attached to the clip-on end, which is then attached to the movable slider bar. You can quickly move and manage the height of the slider bar as your preferences. It is really a useful tool if you have kids in your family that need a different height of showerhead than the adults. It is also a sturdier option that can last for a longer time.

Although there are always many ways by which you can get your comfortable height of showerhead, the prime factor that you should always pay the most attention is what type and height of showerhead you’re comfortable with. What works for one might not work for another, so there is no need to force a popular option upon yourself. Choose what suits your needs the most.


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