Right from the luxurious rainfall miniature to ordinary one spray options, there exist several types of shower heads that may go on to enhance one’s shower experience. Probably you wish to replace the old discharge shower head with the little additional kick and do not know what type to go with.

Or probably, you are attuning the bathroom and wish to avoid paying extra for the shower head, which you will eventually end up disliking very strongly. It is just the right time that you must know about all the different kinds available there in the market and opt for the right one from the very start.

The Available Options

Some models go on to cost over 400-500 dollars while some are available that are as cheap as 15-20 bucks. Ya, it is obvious of you thinking, “how can they be so dang expensive?”

In most cases, they are not worth extra cash and would not consider such expensive shower heads as a worthy investment. But it is not the price alone, which is the only determinant here. One also enquires to look at its types, the design, besides knowing how well these shower heads will go on to pour water.

Depending on its mounting arrangement, there exist2 different shower head kinds. They are:

  • The Traditional
  • An Overhead

As far as design is concerned, there are some more. A few of the models lack the water pressure, while some of them give a feeling like you are just standing right under the watering can. In order to know more about the types of shower heads, continue reading this guide, and this will help you all know more regarding different types.

Types Of The Shower Heads

Herein, you will see a few of the most used shower heads along with their uses, first choice, and what goes on to make them worth an investment.

The Rain Shower Head

In a fixed shower head type, waterfall and rainfall heads are generally considered as the premium boost over the traditional shower heads. One can go on to mount them on the wall or at the ceiling. Also, they are commonly larger.

When we talk about the function, there is the single, one concentrated spray, alongside that there is the multi-functional rain shower, which allows attuning the settings to provide you the satisfying experience of the shower.

The choice to be made is yours if you like it mounted anything near 3 to 4 feet over the head or you go with the extension of the arm.

The Fixed Shower Head 

In most cases, you are likely to possess the fixed shower heads in the home, which are also often known as the wall mount shower head. They are smaller when talked about the size, pretty simple to get it done with the installation process, and no-frills.

When you are someone who is looking forward to the simple unit without bells and the whistles, they are the ones that will go on to be the choice available. The max size of heads is around 5-inches. But there are also smaller ones that are out there in the market and are a lot cheaper too.

However, you want something with more features? Worry not, there exists the multi-function unit, which allows changing the patterns of spray as per your liking.

The Handheld Shower Head

This versatile choice is arguably one of the known and popular shower head kinds in today’s market. If you are looking forward to the boost or something in terms of flexibility, this is surely the one you would like to get your hands on.

The handheld models are generally sold in the packages, and they commonly come with the holder in order to mount a shower head alongside the detachable hose. One thing that you may term as the finest feature of this sort is the freedom that you will get whilst showering.

You may keep it in the fixed place, which will go on to serve as the fixed mounted system, or you may take it away from the wall in order to clean the shower walls, wash off the soap from your body, and you may wash the pet, etc. They are surely ideal when it comes to making your kids bath and have all the fun.

The Filtered Shower Head 

 If you are someone who lives in the place where water is supremely hard, then you may require to think of getting yourself the filtered shower heads. They would go on to minimize significantly the chlorine, amount scale, and, most essentially, hard water that comes via your pipe.

Always opt for the recognized brands whenever you are to purchase one of these. You need to ensure they have an NSF certification as they are, without a doubt, one of the well-known, popular, and respected item testing organisations.

For health and the safety of customers, they make sure that the shower heads producers meet the strict standards that are set by them. Else, they will not get the certification in the very first place.

The Dual Shower Heads

 When the fixed shower heads meet the handheld one, it goes on to become the dual shower head. In simple terms, it is a combination of the two.

Following this, the producers decided to come up with some creative models that consist of rainfall model units with fixed units.

The Ceiling Mount Showers

If you are looking forward to giving a luxury finish to the bathroom area, then you might be tempted to go along with this kind.

These ceiling showers provide your bathroom the facelift, offer a beautiful finish, and add a sense of classiness.

Final Thoughts

All these shower heads you see here are available on the various online platforms as well, such as Amazon, that has some of the best sorts of shower heads waiting for you. What are you all waiting to go and order?


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