Shower diverter is the valve used in the bathrooms, which enables the user to change the flow of water from the showerhead to the tap of the is the accessories provided, which helps in using the shower or bather according to the preference of the user.

But when this part is not working correctly, it needs to get repaired or, in worst circumstances, replace it. The process of fixing the shower diverter gate is not too tedious or complicated. There are a few steps that need to be followed to repair the diverter gate.

If the shower diverter valve is damaged than here are the steps on how to fix the shower diverter valve:-

Step1: Analyze the problem

For any problem, the very first step is to analyze and study why exactly the diverter gate went off. There can be multiple reasons for the malfunction, before moving any further and taking action, the initial aim is to determine the reasons for the problem. For each problem, different solutions should be encountered. Some issues might cause shut down of the shower diverter valve include the following:

Choking: Choking due to deposition of sand, dirt, or corrosive material of tap. As water continuously flows through the tap, it sometimes might carry sand or dirt with it, which may get deposited and might choke the tap. In cases where the water flowing is acidic or too basic, it might corrode the tap or might leave salt deposits, respectively. Both might get accumulated and choke the gate.

Lack of lubricant: There might be a condition when the lubricant in the diverter is insufficient or washed away, in both cases, the diverter or tap might lockdown or is immovable. This is not at all a major issue and can be resolved simply by spraying lubricants around these facilities for easy movement, and thus, the problem is fixed.

Damage in the pipe: The shower diverter valve consists of two parts. The main diverter valve and the pipe which delivers water. In case the pipe is damaged, it might cause leakage or loss of head, in such cases, it is suggested to replace the pipe.

Permanent damage in valve: If the diverter valve is broken or cracked somehow, it needs to be replaced with a new one, the temporary fixing can be done by sealing the crack. But this solution is not long-lasting. Therefore replacement is mandatory.

Step 2: Turn off the main water supply

To avoid any wastage of water and to avoid any disturbance in the repair work due to the flow of water, it is very important to shut down the water supply in that pipe. If not done so the repair might not be as effective.

Step 3: Remove deposition 

In case the damage is of the first type as defined above, i.e., there is only clogging due to dirt and salt deposits. One can thoroughly clean the deposited sand and dirt.

To remove the salt deposits vinegar can be used.

Cover the whole diverter with a water-proof plastic bag with vinegar inside.

Seal it by putting a tight rubber band so that vinegar might not leak outside.

Make sure that the diverter is completely immersed in vinegar

Leave it for one or two hours, and time depends on the amount of salt deposition

Once all the salt dissolves in vinegar, wipe the whole equipment with a clean and dry cloth.

Step 4: Repairing the valve 

Open the valve by turning the cylindrical; part clockwise. The threads are provided for easy removal

Once the part is removed, remove the washer too.

Now either replace the valve or use the diverter repair kit to repair the valve

In case any part is broken, it is better to completely replace it rather repairing it (using sealant or any other material) because the repair would be temporary and also may cause leakage

Now put back the cylindrical part by rotating is anti-clockwise

Step 5: Spray the lubricant

After finishing the repair work spray the lubricant for easy and smooth movement. If movement is the only problem, one might skip step 4.

Hence fixing a shower diverter gate is a simple task. To prevent any clogging and further damage, one must clean the valve regularly. Salt deposits removal should also be done frequently to avoid any serious damage in the valve.


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