Coming from a hassle full day of work, often you must have wanted to take a shower to feel relaxed and stable. The stress of work may seem to deceive you almost every day, but a shower can revive you and make you feel refreshed and can get you ready all over again. During summers, it is very important to take a shower once or twice a day as the Summer heat is lined up to deceive you. The fact that you can make your shower bath more relaxing is an advantage in itself.

A pebble shower floor is something which you need if you like to shower yourself and also to make that time count. This flooring option is extremely popular among people, as many of them get these flooring solutions installed for a comforting and relaxing bath. This flooring solution has various benefits due to which it is a perfect flooring option for the people. Also, this flooring option is available online, and one can get it installed easily.

What Exactly Are Pebble Floors?

Pebble floor, as the name suggests, refers to the floor option, which is usually installed under the shower floor. Pebbles are placed on the floor such that people can have an experience that corresponds to the situation of walking on a riverbank. The pebbles lined up on the floor can provide a natural feeling which enhances your experience of showering. The stones peeping out of the ground makes it a beautiful sight when water is spiller upon the floor and is flowing. It gives a feeling of a beautiful stream bed at a beautiful location.

Installing these pebble floors are an excellent option to consider while choosing shower floors as they have so many benefits and hardly any drawback. Also, the fact that these floor options are easy to install, make it extra appealing.

How To Install The Pebble Floor?

Installing a pebble shower floor in your washroom is very easy and does not require any hassle. Once you can get this floor installed by the online service providers, and can also be installed using their skillsets. Following are the steps to install a pebble floor:

Use a trowel, and you are supposed to place a thin-set to the floor of your bathroom. This should be done by taking care of the evenness of the applied thin-set throughout the area you want to construct.

The next step is to place the pebble tiles over the thin-set in an orderly manner such that the minimum gap is left. Now the turn is to wait and let the thinset dry up a bit. Usually, one should leave it for 24 hours for best results.

A layer of sealer needs to be placed above the thinset to make sure that the grout which will be placed ahead in the process doesn’t get absorbed by the pebble stone. The sealer should also be allowed to dry up completely.

Now, as your entire setup is dried up completely, you can start by covering up the entire layer of the pebbles with grout.

After placing the ground on the complete setup, one is supposed to clear out the left out crowd, which is extra using a sponge. One can make the sponge wet for doing the task with added effectiveness.

Finally, the last status to place another layer of silver, which finally makes your shower floor ready to use after getting dried up.

The above process can be used by you to make your pebble floor as it can save a lot of money and also it allows you to make necessary modifications.

Pros And Cons Of Having A Pebble Floor Installed

There are various pebble shower floor pros and cons, although the limitations are too limited.

Comfortable: People usually install pebble floors just because of the reason that they are very comfortable to your feet and provide a natural feeling of walking on a river bed. If you have made up your pebbles floor with selected round pebbles, you can enjoy the massaging effect it can give to your feet while you walk on them.

Cheap Flooring Option: Pebble floors are not so expensive to install, and they don’t extract a fortune from your pocket at all. Moreover, if you are planning to lay down the floor yourself, it is for sure the best floor option for yourself.

Prevents Slipping: The pebble shower floor provides a beautiful uneven layer of pebbles and grout, which in turn prevents slipping off the floor and maintains a strong grip with your feet so that you can dance and sing while having a shower.

Beautiful Looking Floor: One of the strong reasons for installing these floor solutions is the beauty it provides to the bathroom floor. The floor options are considered to provide a natural look, which is a different type of beauty.

One Can Find Ready To Install Pebble Floors Online

If you are too lazy to install this particular floor solution on your own, the online service providers have it figured out for you. Although the process of installing the floor option is extremely easy and can be carried out by anyone without an expert needed, you can still get installed to buy the online experts who will do your task effectively. Online service providers can easily be found over the web by searching for them. Online service providers don’t charge you much for their services and then do your job quickly and effectively.

If you have come up with the decision to install a pebble shower floor in your washroom, you can either go for constructing it yourself or calling for the expert services of various online flooring experts who have everything figured out. Also, the readymade floors available online can be installed by you easily without any complications at all.


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