Makeup is not something used to hide imperfections of flaws on our skin. You might wonder how this is even true. This is true because no human is born with flaws or blemishes to hide; everyone is perfect in their own unique way. Instead, makeup is used to enhance our natural God-given beauty.

When it comes to makeup, mascara is something women will never give up. It gives a desirable volume to our eyelashes and makes them look much more alluring. For ages, mascara has been used worldwide as a common beauty regime. Following the trend of finding ways to make the eyes look more fascinating, people came up with other alternatives of mascara. They include false lashes, aka falsies, and eyelash extensions. 

Soon after the arrival of lash extensions, their demand grew abruptly. Eyelash extension is a semi-permanent way of making your eyelashes appear fuller and denser. It is a natural process to make it look like you are wearing multiple coats of mascara. I mean let’s face it. We do love a heavy coat of mascara. Lash extensions are very convenient as they can be moulded to fit the different shapes of eyes as required by the customer. You can even decide the density of lashes and make them denser or lighter.

How to care for eyelash extensions?

The most common types of eyelash extensions found among the beauty products are synthetic, mink, and silk. Their size availability can range from 6mm to 17mm and depends on whether you want to enhance your natural form or unleash your inner muse. The process of getting eyelash extensions is quite lengthy and requires a tremendous amount of patience and endurance. You have to come pre-prepared both mentally and physically for it. Applying a full set of extensions can take up to three to four hours. Each strand of eyelash is taken on a tweezer and glued individually with eyelash glue.

After getting your eyelash extensions done by a professional, you won’t have to do a lot to prevent them from damaging.

Precisely applied pair of extensions may last you for five to six months and requires a touch-up every three to four weeks. 

Gently brush and groom them with mascara spoolie, or you can even use the eyeshadow brush. Always remember to sweep the spoolie in an upward direction only. 

Also, ask the salon about the adhesive they are using for sticking lashes. Some of them contain formaldehyde, which further results in itching, redness, and swelling of eyes.

However, there are some precautions you must take if you want to take a shower with eyelash extensions.

How to take a shower with eyelash extensions:

Avoid bathing or washing your face for at least 48 hours after getting extensions since water can weaken the adhesiveness of glue. Also, avoid taking hot showers.

Do not rub your eyes excessively as this can cause some of the lashes from the extensions to fall off. Instead of rubbing, gently dab your skin with a soft cotton towel as it will prevent damaging lashes.

Use oil-free cleansers and makeup removers to take off any makeup.

  • Avoid hitting the sauna or steam rooms to ensure proper and complete drying of the eyelash extension glue. This will also make sure that the false eyelash extension sticks properly on your natural lashes.
  • Look for an experienced and legally licensed lash technician before booking an appointment for your extensions. Try to sleep on your back for a few days, as this will prevent the lash extensions from getting smudged against your pillow.

 Now that you know that there was a lot to know about falsies, you might understand that It’s always nice to know about something before just diving into it. Also, there is no harm in experimenting unless you have no idea about it.


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