Shaving for most men is an essential part of their daily routine. No one likes to go out with an unruly beard hair; it looks ugly as well as stale. And sometimes create a negative impact on the persons you tend to interact with. And thus, when you get up in the morning, the first thing that bothers you before going out is whether you want to shave before or after the shower. At least those of you who are into professional fields have to shave almost regularly to look clean and fresh.

Benefits of Shaving Before Taking a Shower

For young people who just got beard hairs over her skin, generally have soft hair and open skin pores, for such people, shaving their facial hair before a shower is the best thing to do. This brings them several benefits to their beard hairs and also to their soft skin.

Before you start shaving, wet your facial hair with some soft water. Gently rub your skin around with some cool water for about 3 to 5 minutes, and then apply a warm washcloth, preferably wet over the skin. The warm moisture that is applied over your skin soaks your whiskers and also soothes the open hair pores. This helps in reducing hair strength to almost 80%, so the hairs fall off easily when a razor is applied over them.

Another benefit of shaving before a shower is that it helps to open up your skin pores that soften your bristle beards on your skin so that you can have an easy and smooth shaving time.

It is also recommended that when you shave before a shower, you must use an electric razor instead of a traditional straight-edge razor. This is because when your skin is moist, the electric razor will work the best to clean all the hears over your beard area correctly. To make this process more effective, do not forget to use good shaving cream, foam, or soap, this will help to clean out the area more preciously. 

Things to Know About Shaving After Taking a Shower

However, as you age, your hairs become more dried due to the natural loss of moisture and other external factors. And in these times, it is often recommended to shave your beard only after a good shower, and this helps in several ways. 

First of all, when you are running a razor through dry skin, you may risk yourself for a deep exfoliation. And due to this exfoliation, you are removing the important skin and hair follicles and allowing the entry of bacteria over your skin. This, in turn, results in skin irritation and hair itching. The effects can range from being extremely mild to severe irritations that can run through the day. 

And in times of shaving after a shower, it is often advised that you should use a straight edge razor instead of the electric one. This is because a straight edge razor slides over the skin properly for a precise and clean shave. 

Advantages of Shaving After a Shower

Showering with warm water brings a range of benefits to your skin, first of all, your skin relaxes that helps in opening up the pores from insides, and thereby the shafts lie within hair follicles become soft, and thus the shaving becomes more comfortable and smooth.

And when you are about to shave after a shower, you will feel certain benefits like the ones discussed below.

When you are using a straight edge razor after your shower, you will feel the blade much closer to the skin, and due to this, the haircuts are pretty clean and precise. You would hardly feel any tugging or pulling of hair roots that happen due to dry hairs.

Another benefit of shaving like this is that you will have better overall skin hygiene, a clean skin has fairly fewer bacteria, leaving your skin healthy for a decent shave. 

Also, warm showers help in better exfoliation. It removes excess oils and damaged skin cells giving out fresh and healthy skin. 

Does the Temperature of Water Affect Your Shaving Experience?

According to scientific measurement, the temperature of the water when having a shower affects the experience of having a shave before or after a shower. The water temperature, warm or cool, plays an important role in regulating the level of cleanliness the shave will offer. 

Hot water or steam can open up pores in your skin that in turn, softens the beard area. Whereas using cool water for a shower makes your beard hairs look shiny, and often given a hard touch to the hairs that might cause some level of tugging during a shave. Next, if you decide to use a straight edge traditional razor along with some shaving cream or soap, it is recommended to do that after a shower since a shower would soften your skin and hairs, thus helping in shaving. 

Which is Better, Shaving Before Shower or After a Shower?

When you are about to find a proper answer to this, you may find it confusing since each of us prefers one or the other, whether to shave before or after the shower, as it’s a personal preference. Also, preferences can change depending upon a situation, such as whether you have moist skin or dry skin, or would you feel the need to take a shower before or after the shave. 

The choice also depends largely on the type of hair condition and preference of an individual. For instance, if you have dry hairs, as mentioned above, it might be good to first soften your hair bristle with warm water, taking a warm water shower is often recommended in such cases and also the use of a straight-edge razor for a clean shave. And in another case, if your beard hairs are soft, shaving them before a shower is preferable in most cases, applying good shaving cream and a good electric razor will do the charm perfectly. 


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